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Celebrating Bonds: Reflections on May’s Joys and Masonic Commitments – In the East

The joys of May have arrived! This month holds great significance for Masons, as its spiritual and symbolic meanings align with our moral teachings. May guides us in the pursuit of true friendship, honoring shared traditions, fostering lifelong relationships, and focusing on personal development to build character with strong values. It reminds us of our connection to serving others. Congratulations, dear friends, for the Lord stands beside us, propelling our lives forward.

Looking back, I want to share that during our April Stated Meeting, our Lodge successfully filled all positions, including the three pillars and other crucial roles. This reorganization aimed to find dedicated officers who will maintain the high standards of our Lodge. Furthermore, we conducted a favorable ballot for four candidates. Two of them have already been initiated into the Entered Apprentice Degree, while the third will receive initiation on May 11. Sadly, the fourth candidate has passed away and now resides in the celestial world.

One of the month’s highlights was our productive Masonic education sessions, held every Thursday. These sessions enriched our understanding of the values and principles that Freemasonry imparts to every Mason. They furthered our growth in the spiritual aspects of our journey.

Additionally, our brethren, along with their families and friends, gathered for a delightful breakfast in mid-April. It was a beautiful time of sharing, fellowship, and strengthening of our bonds.

Let us not overlook the commendable community services provided by some generous and charitable brethren. They actively participated in the Gellert Park Diabetes Walk and the Teglia Community Center Food Distribution, embodying our commitment to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

To complete the month’s activities, we organized an informative session on environmental conservation. This session focused on learning ways to reduce energy consumption, leading to savings on energy bills. The collaboration of Crocker Lodge 212, Peninsula Clean Energy, and HealthWays facilitated this event, which saw participation from members of our Lodge and friends from Daly City, South San Francisco, and San Bruno. To all who attended, please accept my sincere appreciation. Your interest in protecting our planet by learning to save energy is truly commendable. Let us remember that we have only one planet Earth, and it is our duty to preserve and cherish it.

Having successfully navigated the first four months, we eagerly look forward to continuing the momentum. Let us never lose sight of what holds importance in our brotherhood and community. Stay motivated and steadfastly embrace the spirit of our teachings. Be more than you would be without the guiding principles of Freemasonry.

May peace be with you all, my brethren.