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October Lodge Highlights and November Welcome

Dear Brethren,

The month of October went by so swiftly and noticeably, the unusual warm weather in our area has not caused the leaves to turn into colorful ones. Although the warm weather has extended the opportunity to spend time outdoors, I must say that our Lodge members have undertaken many activities.

Looking back, the highlights of what we have accomplished include the hosting of a community focus group discussion on energy savings and environmental stewardship which was participated in by selected community members from Northern San Mateo County. Also, the Past Masters Night was well celebrated where more than a dozen Past Masters endeavored themselves in demonstrating once again their skills and talents in raising a brother candidate. The harmonious fellowship and socialization were quite evident demonstrations of a well-established foundation of brotherly love and friendship.

A week after the celebration was followed by an interactive Masonic education where the brethren focused on the topic of humility as a very foundation in Masonry. All the brethren present claimed that it was their first time to attend a session like that where they reflected and discussed aspects of humility in the Masonic journey as taught in our rituals.

To culminate the month was the annual communication hosted by the Grand Lodge where some of the brethren attended. I would like to point out two things which make Crocker Lodge 212 honored: the recognition of WB Rufo Macaraeg as an outstanding Mason of the year including WB Hercules Valdez and WB Joshua Cusing as Inspectors. These brothers are worthy of imitation!

Well, switching gears, let us welcome November with full hopes of continuing the unity and harmony that we have crafted and enjoyed so far. As November seeks to remind us not to fear the winter season, for spring will follow it, so should we brothers be ready to transition ourselves as life is constantly changing. Let us aspire to change for the better to have a more fruitful life. Indeed, change is just a part of life that we need to anticipate, accommodate, and adapt to when it finally arrives to reduce any adverse results. Again, do not watch as things happen but get involved and become the change initiator. Let us be wise to boost our emotional intelligence during a moment of transition not to allow emotions to cloud our mind but to relax and think more objectively. So whatever situation is unsettling, we must try to manage our reactions.

Peace to all!

Brother Vennie Acebedo
Master 2023