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Inspirational Visit: Assistant Grand Lecturer Gary Quintrell and the Inspector Michael Wilson Ignite Excitement at Crocker Lodge

By: Peter Cossid

Crocker Lodge, known for its vibrant gatherings and storied traditions, found itself in the midst of an exhilarating surprise during yesterday’s Stated Meeting. Assistant Grand Lecturer Worshipful Gary Quintrell, accompanied by the Inspector Worshipful Michael Wilson, graced the lodge with their official visit, leaving members buzzing with excitement.

As is customary, the distinguished guests were received with utmost warmth and hospitality, a hallmark of Crocker Lodge’s ethos. A typical Daly City fog rolled in, casting an ethereal ambience, and adding an extra layer of mystique to the occasion – a coincidence not lost on the attendees.

In my capacity as the Junior Warden, it fell upon me to propose a toast, a symbolic gesture acknowledging the Grand Lodge’s unwavering support in all endeavours and challenges faced by the brethren. Drawing a parallel, I likened the role of the Grand Lodge to that of a nurturing nurse assisting a mother through labor pains.

The significance of their visit during these challenging times was not lost on the brethren. In a brief interview, with Worshipful Foilan Ancheta PM, a long-standing member and Past Master of Crocker Lodge 212, he expressed gratitude for the presence of Assistant Grand Lecturer, Worshipful Gary Quintrell, and the Inspector Worshipful Michael Wilson emphasizing the importance of their guidance during this tough and challenging period.

Crocker Lodge 212, like many others, has encountered its fair share of obstacles, and the support of the Grand Lodge has been invaluable. Their unwavering commitment to assisting the brethren in their pursuit of Masonic ideals has become a cornerstone of unity and perseverance within the fraternity.

As the meeting concluded, the brethren took a moment to reflect on the visit and the enduring strength of their bond. The unexpected presence of  Worshipful Gary Quintrel, and Worshipful Michael Wilson served as a reminder that, despite the trials faced, we are never alone. The shared commitment to upholding the principles of Freemasonry, guided by the Grand Lodge, offers solace and inspiration in these challenging times.

This June Stated Meeting at Crocker Lodge will undoubtedly be remembered as a poignant chapter in our history. The visitation of  Assistant Grand Lecturer Worshipful Gary Quintrel, and the Inspector Worshipful Michael Wilson not only invigorated the brethren but also reaffirmed the profound sense of community and support that lies at the heart of Freemasonry.