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Inspector GM Wilson’s Visitation: Honoring Freemasonry’s Values and Celebrating Leadership

Crocker Lodge 212’s July Stated meeting was an extraordinary event that will be cherished for a time. It marked the official visitation of Worshipful Gerard Michael Wilson, the esteemed Inspector of the 151 Masonic District, representing the prestigious Grand Lodge of California. His presence ensured that the values and virtues of Freemasonry were thriving within our beloved Crocker Lodge.

To show our utmost respect and hospitality, the Lodge commenced the meeting ahead of schedule, sparing our distinguished visitor any unnecessary waiting. The entire welcoming ceremony was executed flawlessly, resonating with perfect harmony. We could see the delight gleaming in the eyes of our esteemed Grand Lodge Inspector.

The meeting proceeded with its customary flow, as the agenda unfolded seamlessly, guided by impeccable organization. This evening held great significance for our newly accepted and affiliated members, Brother Ruffo Macaraeg, PM and Bro Larry Ancheta, who were warmly embraced by the Crocker Lodge 212 family. Brother Larry, overwhelmed with joy and emotions, was left almost speechless. Despite momentarily wandering away during his membership election, we are overjoyed to have him among us, radiating happiness and enthusiasm.

When the time came for the Worshipful Inspector to deliver his speech, he expressed heartfelt appreciation to Worshipful Ferdinand Quiambao PM, our esteemed Senior Warden. Their inspirational pieces were perfectly aligned, with Worshipful Quiambao’s enlightening presentation on “The Allusion of the All-Seeing Eye to Freemasonry” beautifully complementing the Inspector’s words. The Worshipful Inspector elaborated on the profound symbolism of the All-Seeing Eye and its role in upholding our cherished values. He also shared anecdotes about his son, a dedicated Deputy Sheriff, who he hopes will seek to embrace the teachings of Freemasonry and become a beacon of virtue. He expressed his gratitude for the blessings of his beautiful grandchildren, reminding us of all of the joys and responsibilities that come with family.

The Worshipful Inspector emphasized that our Lodge is akin to a temple, a sacred space whose values may erode over time. Just as we maintain the integrity of our physical temple, it is our duty as Freemasons to continually uphold our values, correcting any deviations that may occur as individuals. By returning to the beacon of our principles, we ensure our own growth and the preservation of the essence of Freemasonry.

With everyone conducting themselves with the utmost decorum, the Lodge was eventually closed, marking the end of a truly remarkable evening. Picture-taking captured the cherished memories, and the fellowship continued with refreshments, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. A jubilant celebration took place, commemorating the achievements of the evening, which were made possible by the remarkable guidance and wisdom of our esteemed Worshipful Master, Bro. Venie Acebedo.