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A Symphony of Recognition: Honoring the Pillars of Crocker Lodge 212

Dear Brethren,

With immense joy and profound honor, I embrace my first responsibility as Senior Warden to celebrate and recognize the remarkable efforts of our brothers at Crocker Lodge 212. It’s like offering wages for their invaluable contributions.

To Kit Crisostomo, EA: Your selfless dedication has been a cornerstone of our Lodge, much like the symbolic significance of our North-East Corner. In the kitchen and beyond, your willingness to step up as our go-to handyman for various tasks and upkeep has been invaluable. Your contributions have been essential and deeply appreciated.

To Edgar Millan, EA: Your eagerness to assist and go above and beyond the call of duty has not gone unnoticed; your efforts have significantly exceeded our expectations.

Brother Rener Umali, our esteemed Senior Steward: I extend my heartfelt congratulations for your exemplary work. The way you meticulously implemented my last directives during few hours of my tenure as Junior Warden was outstanding.

To our newly appointed Officers, Bernard Goyagoy-Mar, Brother Larry Ancheta-JSteward, and our dedicated Deacons, Bernie David and Mario Arbis: Your readiness to serve has been clearly observed and deeply appreciated. The fact that you have willingly extended your support, particularly in these times of need, is commendable. You have all excelled in the responsibilities entrusted to you. Please accept my sincere accolades and recognition for your outstanding contributions.

Worshipful Pat Ancheta, my confidence in your ability to provide valuable insights has always been well-placed. You have once again laid a strong foundation for our Lodge through your collaboration with the community. Your contributions are exactly what our local community requires and are an invaluable embodiment of our Lodge’s principles.

Worshipful Hercules Valdez, you are undoubtedly our ‘Kristos,’ a leader and guide whom we all admire and follow. You are like the fisher of men for our Lodge, drawing everyone together with your leadership. As the Senior Warden, I must acknowledge that my office alone cannot fully express our gratitude for your contributions. The Grand Lodge has also recognized your invaluable impact, and for that, we remain deeply indebted to you. Your wise counsel, insightful perspectives, and influential voice are aspects I earnestly strive to emulate.

To Worshipful Froilan Ancheta: To Worshipful Froilan Ancheta, your steadfast support for the Lodge, come rain or shine, truly sets you apart as a Master for all seasons. Your unwavering dedication is a model I aspire to emulate, especially in the realm of recognition and honor. Your ideas, which I have warmly embraced and admired, especially because they serve the greater good of the Lodge, are commendable. Much like Vilma Santos, your presence and resilience in challenging times are both inspiring and indispensable.

Worshipful Domingo, you too truly embody the essence of a man for all seasons. Your unwavering presence and readiness to assist, regardless of life’s challenges, is admirable. You confront every obstacle of age with remarkable candor and dedication, driven by your commitment to serve.

Worshipful Dionida, your gentle approach and tactful handling of matters are immensely valuable. You draw your strength from a heart rich in compassion, yet you maintain a firm resolve. For this, I am eternally appreciative.

Worshipful Alog, you are indeed a man of delightful surprises! Your ability to lead and command attention is unquestionable and resonates powerfully. I deeply appreciate how you wield this gift with wisdom akin to that of Solomon. Thank you for your unwavering support!

Worshipful Wisely the Wise, our steadfast guardian of the West Gate, I extend my sincere thanks for your invaluable suggestions. Rest assured, none of your advice is ever considered trivial; it is taken to heart and put into action. Your support is deeply appreciated.

To Worshipful Jack Abuda – My and our esteemed Soldado, you truly are our Hiram of the Year. The qualities of prudence and temperance you exhibit set a sterling example for every brother in our Lodge; they are beyond any measure of compensation. Your demeanor, reminiscent of a sergeant-at-arms, is a trait I greatly admire and strive to emulate.

To Worthyful Rolly Ramos, I place you in the esteemed ranks of the Worshipfuls, with my respect for you surpassing even the highest accolades. You have been my guiding light, offering words that resonate with the sincerity of a heartfelt song. Your prudence and compassion elevate you, akin to a maestro among distinguished musicians. Thank you for being the soothing melody in times of need, the harmonious tune that brings peace to our souls. In the symphony of our Lodge, your presence is the melody that eases our worries and the harmony that brings us into a tranquil accord.

To Worshipful Rufo Macaraeg: You truly embody the essence of the Grand Master Mason of the Year. Your presence has been a shining beacon, drawing our brothers back with its warm and guiding light. You possess a magnetic quality that inspires hope and positivity. The wealth of ideas, suggestions, and experience you bring to our Lodge is invaluable and deeply appreciated. My hope is that you feel fulfilled and content with the impact you’ve made. Indeed, what recompense could possibly match the invaluable contributions of the Grand Master Mason of the Year?

To Worshipful Mastrille, I speak from the heart when I say that your presence is cherished by all the Brethren, just as mine is. Your pragmatic humor is timeless, reminiscent of Enrile’s enduring wit. It’s your humorous exchanges that truly brighten our Lodge, adding a spark of joy to our gatherings. We would be all the richer with more of your spirit and laughter among us! On a more earnest note, Worshipful, you are a figure of admiration for us all. Your mellow yet impactful voice resonates with the strength of a loudspeaker, imbued with both compassion and excellence. These are the qualities, my brothers of Crocker, that we should all strive to embody.

To Worshipful Acebedo, my deepest gratitude for your unwavering trust and calm composure during our Lodge’s turbulent times You are the embodiment of steadfastness, reminiscent of Peter’s response in the midst of a storm, yet with one significant difference – my faith in you is unshakable. How can we ever adequately repay you for such steadfast loyalty and guidance?

To Worshipful Inspector Gerard Michael Wilson, our heartfelt thanks for your vigilant guidance and support. Your presence has been a comforting assurance that we are never alone. Your ability to inspire hope and uplift our spirits has been invaluable. We deeply appreciate the humanity and understanding you bring to our Lodge. Your contributions are immeasurable, far beyond what could be quantified in any ledger or financial statement (W2 and 1099). You are like the Eastern Star guiding us, with your followers embodying the wisdom of the Magi. How can we ever truly compensate for the richness you have brought to our lives?

To Right Worshipful Garret Chan, Senior Grand Warden: Thank you immensely for gracing our event with your presence! Your attendance shone with the brilliance of a supernova, a cosmic event that ignites new stars in the universe. Your participation last night was a testament to true brotherhood and leadership. The presence of you and your esteemed partner added a profound depth of inspiration to the gathering. As the newly installed Senior Warden of the Lodge, I am inspired by the shared values and goals that we both hold dear, symbolized by the treasured jewel we now both possess. Your presence was a significant contribution to our mission of upholding and rewarding the noble efforts of our brethren. Right Worshipful, your invaluable support raises the question: how can we ever adequately express our gratitude and reciprocate the generosity you have shown us?

To all the other Brethren who have accompanied us through the Lodge’s eventful journey – your presence is the foundation upon which our Lodge stands strong. Let’s continue to be the central force within our unifying circle. I am grateful for your thoughtful and measured words, especially in drawing comparisons. Let’s embrace the fact that as generations evolve, we too must adapt to the changing times.

Freemasonry is a spawning ground for leaders, each unique in their way, shaping our lives through its tenets. This year, as Senior Warden, I am committed to rewarding these efforts, ensuring our Lodge’s prosperity and growth.

Brethren, I hope I have paid the wages enough. 

Thank you all for your steadfast support and fellowship. I look forward to our continued journey together.

Fraternally and with the highest regard,

Brother Peter Cossid, EdD

Freshly Minted Senior Warden